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Overview of ThaiBev’s Sustainability Strategy

"Always with you"

In alignment with our overarching theme of 'Always with you', our sustainability strategy is based around 'being with you always', or taking care of our stakeholders and business over the long term, through:
1. Creating business value (Economic dimension)
2. Taking care of our impacts (Environmental dimension)
3. Caring and sharing with others (Social dimension)

Details of each theme are presented below:

Economic dimension : Creating business value
  • Robust Economic Performance
  • Responsible Procurement and Sourcing
Environmental dimension : Taking care of our impacts
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Emissions
Social dimension : Caring and sharing with others
  • Consumer Health and Safety
  • Training and Education
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Marketing Communications
  • Local Communities


The working team first worked to identify the universe of key social and environmental issues associated with our current and future business strategy, across our value chain. In addition to reviewing the key megatrends impacting the beverage sector, and performing a media and competitive scan of the key issues highlighted by peers in our sectors, we also interviewed senior executives from across the business, and conducted a materiality workshop at the working team level to identify issues considered material to ThaiBev.

Understanding what’s most important to our stakeholders

In the process, we also identified our stakeholders across the ThaiBev value chain, and prioritized them according to their importance to our business.

To identify our key stakeholder groups, we considered the degree of impact each group has on ThaiBev and, on the other hand, considered to what extent these groups depend on our business. Those groups with both high impact on ThaiBev and also, significantly depend on the company’s business operations were identified as ThaiBev’s key stakeholders.

Following this, we then performed a stakeholder perception assessment for each of the 14 issues, in order to identify those issues of most significant concern to the stakeholders. This being our first year of our journey toward sustainability, we agreed that this initial assessment would be performed internally, basing our assessment of stakeholder perceptions on the experienced views of those closest to the stakeholders under consideration.

Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement platforms Frequency of engagement Examples of topics that were addressed 2014
One way communication
channels include
  • ThaiBev E-News
  • ThaiBev Radio
  • ThaiBev Magazine
  • SMS

  • Two way communication
    channels include
  • Line Application
  • Intranet
  • Annual Management Meeting
  • Department Meeting
  • Annual Activities e.g. sport competition country music competition, 8 clubs activities
  • Roadshow e.g. Core values Roadshow,
    Vision 2020 Communication Roadshow

  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Bi-weekly
  • Regularly

  • Daily
  • Daily
  • Annually
  • Regularly
  • Annually

  • Annually

  • Engagement and Caring
  • Close Collaboration and Stronger Support
  • Cross Functional Team
  • Teamwork
  • Loyalty
  • Happy Workplace
  • Supplier
  • Yearly Audit : Approved Vendor List (AVL)
  • Meeting with key suppliers
  • Annual (depending on performance)
  • Quarterly
  • Collaborative Work Plan
  • Market Innovation
  • Customer
  • ThaiBev Expo
  • Agent Meeting
  • Sales Training
  • Agent Development
  • Business Review
  • Agent Factory Visit
  • Occasionally
  • Company’s Economic Performance and Protability
  • Sustainable Partnerships
  • Continuous Strong Relationship between the Company and Customer
  • Consumer
  • Brand experience in lifestyle events, outdoor and an on-premise type
  • Brand communication through mass media communication : tv, radio, billboard, digital screen
  • Interaction between consumer and brand via social network
  • Occasionally
  • Consumer activities
  • Marketing Events
  • Social Media
  • Consumer Interview
  • Investor
  • Annual Shareholders Meeting
  • Investor Roadshows
  • Annually
  • Regularly
  • Provide shareholders with more insights into and updates on ThaiBev’s business
  • Community
  • Questionnaire
  • Activities
  • Interviews
  • Local Community Meetings
  • Monthly
  • Monthly
  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Skills in Sport, Music, Art
  • Vocational Knowledge (e.g. packaging)
  • Improve Economy
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Regulator
  • Cooperate and work together
  • Occasionally
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Remark:

    We highly emphasize the value of regular stakeholder engagement. However, as this report is our rst GRI report, we merely conducted a primary assessment of stakeholder’s perception by leveraging first-hand experiences of the ThaiBev working team, who are most familiar with these stakeholder groups.

    Understanding what’s most important to our business

    In terms of importance to our business, each issue was assessed in terms of its level of actual or potential severity of impact on our business value (i.e. revenue, cost and reputation), as well as the likelihood of issues arising.

    Those 10 issues that were identified as being both of high concern to stakeholders, and high importance to our business, as well as those that were of both of medium concern to stakeholders, and medium concern to our business, were selected as our material issues.

  • Economic Performance
  • Procurement and Sourcing
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Emissions
  • Consumer Health and Safety
  • Training and Education
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Marketing Communications
  • Local Communities
  • Remark:

    This materiality assessment is based on the results from a workshop with ThaiBev, industry peer research, pre-assessment issue from ThaiBev team and management interviews. Scoring of local communities and marketing communications are based on an external consultant’s analysis of management validation interviews. Emissions, while not assessed as material for ThaiBev in particular, were, nontheless, considered important for reporting purposes, as it is widely recognized as an industry issue, and also reported by some peers. ThaiBev has also a number of good practice initiatives in this area that the company would like to share with stakeholders. Governance was included a together wirh compliance, as these are seen to be related topics, anti-corruption practices will also be included under this aspect.

    ThaiBev has identified the boundary for each Material Aspect in the report, by considering where each Aspect’s impact occurs (impacts on the stakeholders within the organization, impacts on stakeholders outside the organization, and impacts on both stakeholders within and outside the organization). With clear boundaries identified, we can see the overall impacts of each Aspect, allowing us to plan and improve the quality of data collection.

    As of Date 31 december 2014
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