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The three liquor business groups of companies within the Thai Beverage Plc. have directly been involved with the country’s liquor industrial development, and have a long experience in production and sale of all kinds of liquor to cover the demand of local consumers and for export worldwide. The group has well known products, which have been generating continuous revenue. There are 18 distilleries within the group. The Group has also maintained an important role in developing local liquor to match those with world standard.
SangSom Co., Ltd.

The Sangsom plant in Nakhon Pathom Province has an area of 211 rai and 37 square wah, with 7,363 employees. It is the birthplace of the first bottle of SangSom in 1977, and the SangSom Co., Ltd. Since its first production SangSom has seen unceasing popularity. There have also been constant quality developments. The liquor won a gold medal in the liquor competition in Madrid, Spain, in 1982 and 1983, and won another award in the liquor competition in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1983. Since then, it has been known among its connoisseurs as “SangSom Gold Medallion”. The latest accolade came in 2006 when SangSom won the third gold award in Spain.

Sangsom Co., Ltd. has set up a research and development unit to develop and control the production process of SangSom to maintain its quality and taste standards. Every bottle of SangSom has to pass through stringent quality control process from the selection of raw materials to the measurement of its taste and aroma with high-tech scientific equipment controlled by experts, scientists and master blenders.

Due to the popularity of SangSom, it was necessary to expand the production to the SangSom distillery in Kanchanaburi Province, known as “SangSom 2”. Apart from producing quality liquor, SangSom Co., Ltd. distilleries are also concerned about environmental conservation and attach great importance to the treatment of wastewater. The treatment is two-fold. One is the treatment of wastewater before it is released into the natural bodies of water. The other is to turn solid waste into organic fertilizer for use in the agriculture sector. A dedicated factory has been set up in 1998 to produce organic fertilizer in Don Toom District of Nakhon Pathom.

Affiliated companies within the Sangsom
Fuengfuanant Co., Ltd.
Mongkolsamai Co., Ltd.
Thanapakdi Co., Ltd.
Kanchanasingkorn Co., Ltd.
and Sura Piset Thipharat Co., Ltd.
Sura Bangyikhan Co., Ltd.

Sura Bangyikhan Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 with the purchase of the Sura Bangyikhan Distillery in Pathum Thani Province from the Ministry of Industry. The first commercial production started on January 1, 2000, with the most famous product being Mekhong whose fame and taste have been in the hearts and minds of the Thai people for over six decades.

The Sura Bangyikhan distillery in Pathum Thani Province was a modern factory with low energy usage. All system controls were the latest in European technology. It was the most modern liquor distillery during the period. When the old Bangyikhan Distillery at Bangyikhan came to an end with its surrounding environment developed through time, the Sura Bangyikhan Distillery in Pathum Thani Province became the heir to the production of Mekhong and other noted liquors. The distillery ownership also passed on to Sura Bangyikhan Co., Ltd.

Another notable point of the Sura Bangyikhan distillery in Pathum Thani Province is its modern bottling system that is one of the most modern in the world. There are five computerized bottling lines capable of bottling differing kinds of liquor and sizes of bottles. Moreover, the Sura Bangyikhan Co., Ltd. also has a high-investment water treatment system that is 100% effective.

Affiliated companies within the Sura Bangyikhan
Mekhong Distillery Limited
Athimart Co., Ltd.
S.S. Karnsura Co., Ltd.
Theparunothai Co., Ltd.
and Kankwan Co., Ltd.
Red Bull Distillery (1988) Co., Ltd.

Sura Krating Daeng Co., Ltd. was established by Khun Chaliew Yuwittaya in 1982. In the beginning, the company imported a distillation tower from Germany to produce rum liquor from molasses, called Red Bull that was first marketed in 1987. In 1988 the TCC Group bought the business and changed the name of the company to “Sura Krating Daeng (1988) Co., Ltd., or "Red Bull Liquor Trading (1988) Co.,Ltd." in English. Then the distillery and its machinery underwent additional development and an increase in product line, until it is today producing five well-known liquor products at five factories, namely, original recipe rum, malt whiskey, grain whiskey, and sake. In 2002 the name was again changed to “Red Bull Distillery (1988) Co., Ltd." Apart from the five first-rated liquor distilleries, there is also the Super Ailopas Distillery tower that is used to distill high quality 96% alcohol for general liquor production.

Red Bull Distillery (1988) Co., Ltd. installed modern and highly efficient wastewater treatment plants that are capable of treating 270,000 cubic liters of wastewater per year. The treated water is reused within the premises. At the same time, many waste products are recycled, such as the by-product from molasses is used to produce bionic fertilizer, the reconditioned solid whiskey residue is used in place of chemical fertilizer in rice fields and the liquid residue, when treated, will produce methane gas that is used as a supplementary fuel in place of bunker oil in order to conserve energy.

It is also Thailand’s first liquor and alcohol producer to receive ISO 9001 GMP and HACCP certification with a policy that is responsible towards the society and the environment, including its continuous contribution to the public.

Affiliated Companies in the Red Bull Distillery (1988) 
United Winery and Distillery Co., Ltd.
Simathurakij Co., Ltd. , Nateechai Co., Ltd.
Luckchai Liquor Trading Co., Ltd.
Sura Piset Pattharalanna Co., Ltd. 
United Products Co., Ltd.
As of date 30 april 2013
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