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February 2012
Execution of a sponsorship agreement with Spanish football clubs, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F., to promote “Chang” brand for three years.

April 2012
Oishi, the leader of Japanese food business, has expanded to snack business. Its first product, “Onori” — Japanese-styled fried seaweed snacks, was introduced in order to leverage its business potential and enhance product diversification for a full range of the food business.

August 2012
Fraser and Neave, Limited, a leading Singaporean Company in Beverage, Property and Publishing & Printing industries, became an associate company of ThaiBev through acquisition of shares.

September 2012
Oishi emphasized its positioning as leader of innovation by launching Oishi returnable bottle, available at food shops and retail stores in our network through Sermsuk.

October 2012
Beer Thai (1991) Public Company Limited commenced the Bituminus Project to switch from utilizing heavy fuel oil to biomass for energy-saving and eco-friendly purposes.

November 2012
Sermsuk introduced est cola to penetrate all nationwide channels in Thai CSD Market.

 Thai Beverage Public Company Limited
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (“ThaiBev”) was established in 2003 with an aim to consolidate its leading spirits and beer businesses in Thailand, which belonged to shareholders and other investors, into a group company. In 2006, ThaiBev registered its listing on the Singapore Exchange (“SGX”) and afterwards, expanded to the non-alcohol
and food businesses in order to diversify its product portfolio, enhance the logistics efficiency, and mitigate business risks. Presently, ThaiBev is not only the leading beverage producer in Thailand, but also one of the largest beverage producers in Asia. Our business consists of 4 segments i.e. spirits, beer, non-alcohol beverages and food.
As of date 30/4/2013