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Beer Group

One of the most important success factors of Beer Chang has been effective marketing management, and its vision to organize groups of beer marketing companies to market beer and non-alcoholic marketing companies.

Effective marketing management potentials have been the results of the experience of the executives, fast and efficient coordination, and over 4,000 marketing personnel who are highly specialized in beer marketing and can respond to consumer demands with speed covering all national areas. They have 90 distributing branches scattered in all areas of the country.

Areas under Beer Marketing Group can be divided into two zones, under 8 small firms. They market and distribute Beer Chang, in bottles, big and small, cans, and in casks for draught beer; drinking water under Chang brand; and Chang soda water.

Pomthip (2012) Co., Ltd.
Pomkit Co., Ltd.
Pomklung Co., Ltd.
Pomchok Co., Ltd.
Pomcharoen Co., Ltd.
Pomburapa Co., Ltd.
Pompalang Co., Ltd.
Pomnakorn Co., Ltd.

Liquor Marketing Group

Companies in Liquor Marketing Group are managed centrally with modern technology, which help them to operate with maximum efficiency. This makes the Group successful, be able to compete better in the market and become more successful in creating new markets for their products, as well as promoting their products to be popular. This has been a proud success of the marketing team. The network, with 90 branches, that is spread all over the country is the major core of the liquor marketing group.

Companies in Liquor Marketing Group are responsible for all liquor products in the Group, including one more company, which is responsible for imported brands. This makes the products from the group vary and numerous, well known and in good demand.


Num Yuk Co., Ltd.
Num Kijjakarn Co., Ltd.
Num Palang Co., Ltd.
Num Muang Co., Ltd.
Num Nakorn Co., Ltd.
Num Thurakij Co., Ltd.
Numrungrod Co., Ltd.
Numthip Co., Ltd.

Sale Channels Management Group

Modern Trade Management Co., Ltd.
Horeca Management Co., Ltd.

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