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Oishi Group

Oishi Group Public Company Limited 
History and significant development On September 9, 1999, Mr. Tan Passakornnatee started the first ever Japanesebuffet restaurant in Thailand under the brand “Oishi” at Sukhumvit 55 (Soi Thonglor) with the aim to bring the new and difference both in terms of servicing style and pricing into the market. From that date, the name Oishi skied rocket and have become a very popular brand for Thai customer. In Y2000, Oishi Restaurant Company started its operation with 10 million baht investment (The company has changed the name, thereafter, to be Oishi Group Plc. Ltd.). As being very well receptive, the business has expanded dramatically within Bangkok area. With the vision about the business potential, the company has enlarged its base by increasing number of outlet and brands of food and bakery to fulfill different market needs.

Oishi Trading Co., Ltd

Oishi Ramen Co., Ltd.

Oishi International Holdings Limited
Oishi F&B (Singapore) Pte.Limited
Oishi Myanmar Limited
Oishi Snack Co., Ltd.
Serm Suk Group

Serm Suk Public Company Limited 
Police Lieutenant General Prapinitchonkadee, Momrachawong Boonrub Pinitchinkadee, Khunying Udomluck Sriyanont, Mr. Yom Tantasrethi, Mr. Lowtiakchuan Bulsook and Mr. Wong Kulayanakup jointly founded Sermsuk Company Limited on April 18 1952.

Serm Suk Holdings Co., Ltd.

Serm Suk Beverage Co., Ltd.

Petform (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Wrangyer Beverage (2008) Co., Ltd.

Sermsuk Training Co., Ltd.

Great Brands Limited

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