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Related Business Group is very important, as it is the group that has been established to ensure lower production costs of the liquor and beer production to create the utmost efficiency. At the same time, the companies within this group may also do business with other companies outside of the group to maximize profit. And adheres to the principles of responsibility towards society and the environment. It is also tasked with the consideration of reusing any waste matters left over from the production processes as recycled materials or made into new products, and thus contributing to the reduction of environmental problems. It has a role in research and development that could be beneficial to the society as a whole.
         Related Business Group

          Thai Beverage Recycle Co., Ltd.

          Feed Addition Co., Ltd.

          Thai Cooperage Co., Ltd.

          Thai Beverage Energy Co., Ltd.

          Thai Molasses Co., Ltd.

          Pan International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

          Charun Business 52 Co., Ltd.

          Thai Beverage Logistics Co., Ltd.
As of date 30 april 2013
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