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Since listing, ThaiBev has implemented a strategy to allow it to expand overseas. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, International Beverage Holdings Limited (“IBHL”) is charged with this task. In 2008, IBHL had offices in six countries and commenced active promotion of sales to countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and others of two of ThaiBev’s products, Chang beer and Mekhong. Expansion will also include whiskies and other premium spirits made in Scotland by IBHL’s subsidiary Inver House Distillers Limited (“Inver House”).

Offices and Subsidiaries 
IBHL is incorporated in Hong Kong and currently has subsidiaries in six countries:

 International Beverage Holdings Limited

      InterBev (Singapore) Limited
     The company conducts marketing business for InternationalBev Co. Ltd.Its office is in Singapore.

           Super Brands Company Pte. Ltd.

      InterBev (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
     Distribution of alcoholic beverages

      InterBev Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
     Distribution of alcoholic beverages

      Best Spirits Company Limited
     Distribution of alcoholic beverages

      International Beverage Holdings (China) Limited 

           InterBev Trading (China) Limited 

           Yunnan Yulinquan Liquor Co., Ltd.

      International Beverage Holdings (UK) Limited
     Foreign holding company and subsidiaries including Inver House Distillers Limited

           International Beverage Holdings Limited USA, Inc.
          Distribution of alcoholic beverages

           Blairmhor Limited (N)

                Blairmhor Distillers Limited (D) (N)

                     Speyburn-Glenlivet Distillery Company Limited (D) (N)

                     The Knockdhu Distillery Company Limited (D) (N)

                     The Balblair Distillery Company Limited (D) (N)

                     The Pulteney Distillery Company Limited (D) (N)

                Liquorland Limited 

                Wee Beastie Limited (D) (N)

                Inver House Distribution SA (D) (N)

                Moffat & Towers Limited (D) (N)

           Inver House Distillers Limited 

                Glen Calder Blenders Limited (D) (N)

                Hankey Bannister & Company Limited (D) (N)

                R Carmichael & Sons Limited (D) (N)

                J MacArthur Jr & Company Limited (D) (N)

                Mason & Summers Limited (D) (N)

                James Catto & Company Limited (D) (N)

      Beer Chang International Limited

      International Beverage Trading Limited

      InterBev Trading (Hong Kong) Limited (a)
      InterBev Investment Limited 
 Fraser and Neave, Limited
  Fraser Centrepoint, Limited (1)

Note : According to Auditor's Note
D : Dormant
N : Non - tradingRemarks
(1) Frasers Centrepoint Limited was listed by way of an introduction, and commenced trading on January 9, 2014 on the Main Board of the SGX.

Updated (January 1 - February 28, 2015):
(a) InterBev Timor, Unipessoal, Lda. incorporated in Timor-Leste on January 19, 2015.

As of date 31 december 2014
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