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Apart from liquor and beer products, companies with in the Group of the Thai Beverage Plc. also have several other related products. They are established with the aim to produce and market products realized from waste materials in order to add value, help reduce waste matters, but at the same time are also the initiators of technical researches that directly benefit the general public. These products are light construction bricks, fertilizers (from liquor production wastes); animal feed and supplementary animal feed (from malt waste); etc.

Oak Barrels

The oak barrels of Thai Cooperage Co., Ltd. are guaranteed both in quality and standard because they are produced from top quality oak planks, and are produced through a meticulous process by craftsmen who have been well trained from the USA.

Type of Product : Oak Barrels

Raw Materials : Oak planks imported from the United States of America

Volume Size : 200 liter

Producing Company : Thai Cooperage Co., Ltd.


Light Construction Bricks

Light Construction bricks are produced from the mixture of beer production wastes and clay, and then the mixture is fired to successfully produce low-density bricks. The bricks are good quality, can be easily utilized, bond with cement better than ordinary construction bricks. Thus they save time and wages, as well as construction costs. There are three types of light construction bricks:

1. Hollow brick, industrial standard size
2. Brick with a hole in the middle, market standard size
3. Solid brick, market standard size

Apart from light construction bricks, the company also produces ready finished floor, under the brand Mountain Rock. The products are ready finished cement floor of various types, such as with concrete finished, polished stone finished, coarse-grain finished, fine-grain finished.

Production Factory : Charun Business 52 Co., Ltd.



This is one of the related businesses. It had been originated from the trial production of organic fertilizer from liquor production wastes, which was found to be acceptable. Currently, Thai Beverage Energy Co., Ltd. has a number of products that are popular among Thai farmers

1. "Crane Brand" Bionic Fertilizer
- It is an organic fertilizer of which production process has been under F-60 Catalyst
- It is rich in main national resources, secondary resources, and supplementary resources, suitable for soil rejuvenation
- Available in pellet and powder form

2. "F-60" catalyst for organic fertilizer
- It is a concentrate that helps decompose waste materials to produce bionic fertilizer in a short period of time
- No odor
- It helps increase agricultural production, reduce usage of chemicals, and is suitable for organic farming, or non-chemicals farming

3. "F-60-1" catalyst for organic fertilizer
- It is a concentrate that helps decay residues from plants, vegetables, fish and other organic materials to quickly produce liquid organic fertilizer
- It enhances growth for the plants, their roots, stems, and leaves
- It helps increase the number of bacteria in the soil, thus enriching the soil

4. "F-72" waste-eating bacteria
- It is useful for decomposing wastes and reducing odors in household sanitary
- It is useful for reducing odors in water treatment plants in animal farms

5. "F-84" bacteria used to control plant diseases
- Useful in controlling plant diseases, such as Root rot and Phytophthora foot
- It is not harmful to men, animals, plants and the environment

6. "F-96" bacteria used in shrimp ponds
- A kind of bacteria selected by experts, used for decomposing organic waste
- It helps create natural food chain and natural color of the water
- It helps control the pH level in water, reduce unwanted gas, and odors at the bottom of the ponds
- It helps build-up of antibiotics to stop germs

7. Pigeon brand pelletized organic fertilizer

Producing Company : Thai Beverage Energy Co., Ltd.


As of date 30/4/2013