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Customer Health and Safety
The quality , food safety and health promotion policy is the top priority of ThaiBev to serve customer satisfaction. ThaiBev therefore prioritizes and aims to having continual improvement in the quality of products and strengthen research and development new products to serve customer life styles.
Quality controls for every process
The quality , food safety and health promotion policy is the top priority of ThaiBev to serve customer satisfaction. ThaiBev therefore prioritizes and aims to having continual improvement in the quality of products and strengthen research and development new products to serve customer life styles. ThaiBev has launched new products which promote consumer health such as Oishi Kabusacha no sugar added, low sugar, est Cola “no sugar”, isotonic beverage “100 Plus”, etc. ThaiBev also focus on the research to contribute to health and nutrition study of which was certified by The Nation Science and Technology Development agency such as “the extraction of catechin from spent green tea leaves”, the extraction of beta-glucan from the brewery spent yeast”.
To control and develop our products’ quality to meet world-class standards, ThaiBev pays attention to and control every stage of the production process, starting from the selection of high quality raw materials from appropriate suppliers who are qualified in terms of high quality production and ongoing performance against standards. Moreover, ThaiBev closely cooperates with our suppliers so as to ensure such raw materials align with dynamically changing technologies and innovations.
Regarding production process controls, ThaiBev has quality policy and quality plan, as well as other operational standards to control every process from raw material acceptance, production, monitoring, testing and verifying in compliance with the criteria for traceability of all processes. The purposes are to control and improve the safety and health of our customers, and are applied to all ThaiBev products. Furthermore, the company encourages the product quality control laboratory to use testing standards in accordance with the Good Laboratory Practice of the Department of Industrial Works (GLP/DIW), and to seek certification of ISO/IEC17025 for its product quality control laboratory from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI). To ensure confidence in the effectiveness of quality and food safety management, ThaiBev has developed internal and external audit processes, as well as audit processes applied to our suppliers. In addition, we operate in accordance with international standards for quality control and food safety control, which are applicable to all ThaiBev products, such as :
  • Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice & Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (GMP & HACCP)
  • Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000) according to Islamic law
  • Halal, or the standard certifying that foods are lawful
  • The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certifying the quality of drinking water based on the United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA)
World-class standards achievement name of international standards for which ThaiBev has obtained certification
  ISO 9001 ISO 22000 GMP HACCP ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 ISO 50001 NSF BRC HALAL
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Fulfillment of Customer Needs
ThaiBev understands the importance of responding to customer needs and ensuring customer satisfaction, so we provide multiple channels to receive comments and suggestions from our customers and our value chain, such as mails, emails, call center, direct phone calls and site visit. These channels freely allow customers to contact us with any inquiry, give suggestions, and file complaints, as well as express their opinions conveniently. Upon receiving feedback from our customers, the customer service gathers and analyzes the information and coordinates with any related units so as to quickly respond to our customers and maximize their satisfaction. Furthermore, ThaiBev also analyzes all information from our customers to improve the production process and products on a continuous basis.
ThaiBev also conducts market researches on our customers, and utilizes the research results and customers’ comments to develop products with the aim of fulfilling requirements of customers with various lifestyles and offering diverse products to meet customer needs in all groups. Some of the products developed through this method are OISHI Sugar-Free Green Tea and OISHI Sugar-Free and Reduced Sugar Kabusecha, all of which are aimed at fulfilling the requirements of health-conscious customers and to support the government’s health policy. In 2014, Sermsuk Public Company Limited launched a new product called “Est Free” – a sugar-free and calorie-free soft drink and in 2015 also launched 100Plus 2 flavors to provide an alternative for customers who seek refreshing drinks.
Awards for Outstanding Quality and Technology
ThaiBev and other subsidiary companies have received numerous awards for their products and production both at national and international levels such as:
  • Alufoil Trophy 2015-the category “Resource Effiency”
  • European Style Lager-Gold Medal from the Australia International Beer Awards
  • International High Quality Trophy from the Monde Selection Bruxelles International Institute for Quality Selection, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible’s Whisky of the Year
  • Gold–Best in Class from the International Wine and Spirit Competition, Environmental Initiatives - Gold from the Global Distillery Masters 2016
  • Thai FDA Quality Award from the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand
  • The Prime Minister’s Industry Award from the Ministry of Industry.
  • “Thai Pack Award” for its OISHI watermelonflavored green tea from the Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment, the Federation of Thai Industries (TIPMSE).
All of these awards prove the high quality of our management and production process as well as our leadership in product innovation, and show our commitment to comply with international production standards.

Thai Pack Awards for OISHI watermelon flavored green tea
Cold aseptic filling (CAF)
Launched in September 2011, Oishi is Thailand’s first green tea beverage production plant to feature world-class “Cold Aseptic Filling” technology from Japan. Every step of the production process is controlled by a precise computer system in a centralized control room to ensure the highest levels of quality, in line with ISO9001, ISO14001, GMP & HACCP and ISO 22000 standards. The facility’s excellence is also reinforced by the advanced, top-quality standards of Oishi’s laboratories which conduct both chemical and biological testing. The investment of 1,300 million Baht will expand Cold Aseptic Filling Line 3 at the Oishi plant in Navanakorn Industrial Estate, adding additional production capacity of 15 million bottles per month to serve both domestic and export markets to capture opportunities presented by the AEC.
16 September 2013: Oishi Group Public Company Limited signed a contract with Shibuya Kogyo Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese bottling system manufacturer, for the purchase and installation of an Aseptic Cold Filling System for PET bottles.
The Shibuya high-speed rotary Aseptic PET/HDPE Filling System was the first aseptic rotary system approved by the US FDA. The line allows for the use of thinner containers which offers savings on material costs and lower environmental impact. It also helps to reduce the need for preservatives, provides for longer product shelf life with less flavor loss, and means more freedom in bottle design due to ambient filling.
As of date 31 december 2015
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