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Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (“ThaiBev”) was established in 2003, with the aim of integrating our founding shareholders’ and investors’ leading businesses related to beer and spirits into the ThaiBev group. Later, in 2006, ThaiBev was listed in the Singapore Exchange (“SGX”), and has since expanded its business from spirits to non-alcoholic beverage, to increase the variety of products that ThaiBev offers, improve the effectiveness of its logistics channels, and diversify the business’ risk. Today, ThaiBev is not only Thailand’s leading beverage producer, but also one of Asia’s largest producers. Our business consists of 3 segments, namely spirits, beer and non-alcoholic beverage under more than 100 brands.

ThaiBev’s 18 distilleries and 3 breweries are the production bases that are widely recognized for meeting internationally accepted standards and are environmentally friendly. From the sourcing of quality raw material, the standardized production and packaging processes, to effective by-product management, we are proud to deliver products and services that deliver to the needs of our consumers around the world.

ThaiBev’s products are sold in 5 continents, over 90 countries all around the world. ThaiBev has 1,100 direct sales teams across Thailand. We also have distribution centers and networks, locally and abroad, to ensure our products reach our consumers with quality.

Vision 2020
Vision 2020 is ThaiBev’s strategic roadmap for the next six years. It underpins our endeavours to further the success that we have progressively achieved over the years, and sets ThaiBev up for an accelerated growth story. Driven by the five strategic imperatives outlined below, we seek to provide customers with even better products, create greater value and deliver more sustainable returns to shareholders, and enlarge opportunities for our employees.

We aim to solidify ThaiBev’s position as the largest and most profitable beverage company in Southeast Asia.

To support and sustain ThaiBev’s growth, we plan to diversify our revenue streams, increasing revenue contribution from non-alcoholic beverages and the sale of products outside of Thailand.

By streamlining ThaiBev’s businesses into three product groups (spirits, beer, and non-alcoholic beverage) and identifying core brands within each, as well as focusing on primary and secondary markets with the greatest growth potential, we look to expand the business via a consumer-and market-driven approach.

To realize the potential of ThaiBev’s core brands, robust and efficient routes to all markets are required. Accordingly, we seek to build on our market leading business processes and supply chains to strengthen existing distribution networks, establish new ones, and also enter into partnerships with third-party distributors when appropriate.

We strive to ensure that we have a diverse and high performance workforce, and that the teams behind all three product groups work together seamlessly, leveraging cross-product group synergies where applicable, further strengthening our long term potentials.

ThaiBev’s Mission
Our stakeholders and our engagement with them are important to us. ThaiBev recognizes that a sustainable business will enhance long-lasting value to all our stakeholders. ThaiBev is therefore committed to developing a solid business foundation by expanding our operations both within Thailand, and towards the global arena, in order to be a leading total beverage producer in Asia. We aim to build stability and a sustainable business alongside good governance and environmental and social development to build trust and enhance long-term returns to our shareholders and business alliances. (Refer to page 69 of the ThaiBev Annual Report 2014 for further details.)


Thaibev Sustainability Governance

Corporate Sustainability Development Committee was established on May 12, 2014 following the directive of the President and CEO. Members of the committee comprise senior executives from all departments with the President and CEO as the President of the committee.

Corporate Sustainability Development Committee is responsible for considering, planning, and setting policies for implementing sustainability in the short-, medium- and long-term, in line with the Board of Directors’ or Executive Committee’s direction.

Moreover, the Corporate Sustainability Development Committee has also appointed a working team to carry out initiatives to support ThaiBev’s sustainability agenda according to the strategic plan. The working team consists of management and employees from all departments such as Beverage Production, Related Business, Marketing, Sales, Office of Controller, Office of Strategic Planning, Office of Corporate Communication, Office of Corporate Secretariat, Office of External Affairs, Office of Legal Affairs, Office of Human Resources, Office of Asset Management & Services, Center of Excellence and Office of Internal Audit.



Sustainability Across the Value Chain

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With our activities extending from procurement and sourcing to production, distribution, marketing and sales, right through to byproduct and disposal, we know that having a good understanding of our value chain – and the stakeholders along it - is critical to ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of our business. In particular, we recognize the importance of knowing who our stakeholders are, ThaiBev’s impacts on them, their dependency on us, and their needs and expectations – along our entire value chain.

ThaiBev is committed to ensuring the sustainability of its value chain. Each of our companies, at each stage of the chain, are similarly committed to presenting stakeholders with the quality and value they are looking for. Thaibev has no spare effort to innovate in product, technology for our sustainability across the value chain. In 2015, the co-innovation program with our supplierof beer aluminium foil has won the Alufoil Trophy 2015 from European Aluminium Foil Association in category Resource Efficiency for Chang Beer Product.

The World is Changing

At ThaiBev, we recognize that – across the world – economic, environmental, and social megatrends are changing the way we do business.

They’re leading to the emergence of new types of financial and non-financial risks and opportunities that we, along with other businesses, will have to manage in order to ensure we keep creating long-term value.

Economically, it’s clear that global economic power is shifting towards emerging economies. Environmentally and socially , the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) highlights 9 key areas in which scientific research shows critical action is required if 9 billion people are to live well, within the limits of the planet by 2050. These are: climate change, the release of nutrient elements, ecosystems, the exposure of harmful substances, water, basic needs and rights, skills and employment, sustainable lifestyles, and food, feed, fiber, and biofuels. (WBCSD, Action2020)

Thailand is no exception

Thailand is not immune from the challenges of a changing economic, environmental and social context – and nor is ThaiBev, as Thailand’s leading beverage producer. In the economic dimension, political instability has had a significant impact on the economy and consumer confidence. Competiveness, the readiness of production factors and transparency in government and private sector also remain critical issues for Thailand. In terms of environmental concerns, droughts and floods are a frequent occurrence, tending to occur over land that has suffered a high rate of deforestation, and exacerbated by severe weather brought on by climate change. In the social dimension, primary and higher education, as well as professional skills development, still have a long a way to go. Reducing income inequality, the creation of opportunities and improved wealth distribution will help enhance sustainable development. At the same time, ageing population begins to impact the working-age population and health system.

Relevance to ThaiBev

As Thailand’s leading beverage producer, and one of Asia’s largest ones, we recognize that we have an important role to play in not only helping to address the social and environmental challenges that we directly or indirectly contribute to, but also those that affect the larger context in which we operate. Through beginning our journey in developing a clearer, more focused, sustainability strategy, and publishing this report – our very first one in accordance with GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines – we hope to be able to meet this objective, and also thereby fulfil our commitment to be with all our stakeholders over the long term.

As of date 31 december 2014


Thai Beverage Public Company Limited

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