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Economic Performance

As Thailand’s leading beverage company, ThaiBev emphasizes continued economic performance, as it is important not just for ourselves but, also, for all of our stakeholders. We aim to maximize the value we create for everyone – whether shareholders, employees, partners, customers, our diverse consumers, communities and society. To do this, ThaiBev is determined to strengthen our business growth in the coming years by boosting our sales and margin continuously.

We run the business with transparency and responsibility, and operate with care and consideration for stakeholders throughout our entire value chain - from ensuring fair deals in quality procurement and sourcing, to producing high standard products for all consumers at reasonable prices, distributing them through trusted agents, to having good governance and compliance. Through this, we're then able to share the value we create to our employees and shareholders. Moreover, we are committed to enhancing community, social and national development through transparent tax payments.

Vision 2020 and our business direction

Notwithstanding the constantly changing business context, ThaiBev is committed to build a robust and sustainable business growth through the 5 core strategies of our Vision 2020, which will be executed over the next 6 years. These are Growth, Diversity, Brand, Reach, and Professionalism.

We'll be focusing on strengthening our leading position in this region, along with our continuous improvement of our core products. In addition to revenue growth from alcoholic beverage, we also aim to create more business value from non-alcoholic beverage, particularly healthy drinks. Our plan is to simultaneously increase our revenues from non-alcoholic beverage, and revenues from overseas sales, to over 50 percent of our total revenues by 2020, respectively.

The three products in our product portfolio are spirits, beer, and non-alcoholic beverage. We are currently looking to expand our market reach by focusing on our core brands, ensuring strong distribution via our networking agents, and implementing a modern operating model that can respond effectively to an ever-more dynamic business context.

We will also continue to build and develop our employees in all three product groups unit to be able to work effectively and collaboratively with professionalism. Moreover, we welcome employee diversity at all levels, without discrimination of gender, age, or nationality.

Vision 2020 and our stakeholders
ThaiBev's stability will ensure that we grow together sustainably with our business partners and other stakeholders. Our assorted products assist our agents in reaching various groups of consumers and ensure stability as well as business growth for both parties. This, in turn, results in worthy returns for our investors, opportunities for our employees to grow and develop professionally, and improved distribution of wellbeing to our communities, society, and the country as a whole.

1. Economic value generated and distributed is defined by income (refer to G4-EC1 : Revenues), Cost of Sales (refer to
G4-EC1: Operating Costs), Employee Benefit Expenses (refer to G4-EC1: Employee Wages and Benefits), Income Tax Expenses (refer to G4-EC1: Payments to Government) and Annual Dividend (refer to G4-EC1: Payments to Providers of Capital). However, the scope of this report is limited to operations conducted in Thailand.
2. Geographical income for Thai Beverage group according to Thai Beverage Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries' financial statements, ending December 31, 2014
3. Annual Dividend to shareholders of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited

Procurement and Sourcing

As Thailand's leading beverage producer, it's imperative that in addition to having effective internal operations, distribution and sales, our raw materials must also be sourced sustainably. Quality raw material and suppliers are an integral part of delivering quality products to our customers and consumers. If we cannot ensure the continued and sustainable supply of raw material and maintain relationships with our suppliers, this will ultimately affect the quality of our products and impact the company as a whole. On the other hand, as a large producer, ThaiBev also has the opportunity to support suppliers and the local economy through both payment of wages and taxes, and supplier engagement.

Sustainable sourcing

Evaluating our suppliers
Over the past year, ThaiBev has taken the initiative to improve its supplier evaluation tool applied in selecting and purchasing from suppliers. We have included topics such as environment, health, safety, human rights, and business ethics into our evaluation criteria - where in the past we had only considered our suppliers' quality and capacity for production. This is to ensure that our suppliers recognize effective management and sustainable operations. Moreover, this move shows our commitment to sustainability in evaluating our suppliers and our appreciation for quality from the very beginning of our supply chain, to our end consumers.

Furthermore, ThaiBev aims to maintain good relationships with our suppliers in order to enable effective communication, innovation, and efficacy.

Rice: raw materials used in production
Local suppliers
We are dedicated to sourcing from our local suppliers to stimulate employment within local communities and support labor practices in Thailand. The proportion of spending on local suppliers at significant locations of operation continues to increase and is maintained at a high level. In 2014, 98% of ThaiBev's suppliers were local suppliers, an increase from 97% in 2013. In terms of value, we have also increased the monetary amount spent on local suppliers to 87% in 2014 from 85% in 2013. We are proud to be able to support the local economy through not only job creation but also potential additional investments to the local economy.

Procurement from local supplier

  • Local suppliers, means a group of suppliers who operate their business in Thailand, have direct business relationship with ThaiBev.
  • This refers to local suppliers for ThaiBev and entities in the group in which it has 100% shareholding (does not include Oishi, Sermsuk or international operations)

Green Procurement

We pay particular attention to our impact on the environment and are dedicated to conserving it. As such, ThaiBev has a green procurement policy aimed at reducing the use of resources in the production plan, through procurement of products that have been registered with a green label, redesigning packaging to reduce negative impacts caused by those products, and improving the actual production process itself.
Purchasing of green labels
Where we can, we select products that have been registered with green labels, which are products that have been certified for creating less environmental impact than others. In 2014, ThaiBev procured 2 green label products which are copy paper and exterior paint (total 7 models). These are all products which are used daily in ThaiBev's operations and are consumed in high quantities each year. This is ThaiBev's first step towards reducing its environmental impact and waste from its products, and creating awareness among employees to adopt environmentally friendly practices beyond consideration of pure financial profitability. Furthermore, we have set a target for 2015 to increase purchase of green label products, and are committed to continuing this activity to ensure sustainable procurement.
Green label Procurement
3Rs Policy
ThaiBev follows the 3Rs principle: Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle in order to meet the objectives of reducing our environmental impact, creating standards in the procurement process, and decreasing our production costs. The principle is being applied to our bottles and boxes.

As of date 31 december 2014
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited

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