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Grand Royal Group launched “Grand Royal Super Smooth”, building on the success of Grand Royal Smooth whisky.

Sermsuk launched “est Play plus vitamins B6 and B12”, a vitamin-infused carbonated soft drink (CSD) certified by “Healthier Choice” nutritional logo, and “est Play Jelly Shake”, a shake-and-drink jelly CSD.

Oishi launched “Oishi Chakulza” Kyoho Grape, which received the “Healthier Choice” nutritional logo.

Oishi launched Japanese-style dipping sauces and seasonings under the “Oishi” brand to cater to consumers who enjoy cooking at home.

Oishi launched “Nabe Self-Heating Hot Pot”, a ready-to-eat Japanese hot pot offering convenience to consumers., an online platform, was launched to serve as an e-marketplace for ordering and delivering beverages, food and consumer products with convenience, speed and safety.

Oishi launched “Oishi Gold Wakoucha”, a premium Japanese tea containing theaflavin which stimulates fat burning, to target health-conscious consumers.

ThaiBev retained its position as a constituent of the DJSI World Index and the DJSI Emerging Markets Index. It was also recognized as Indices Leader in Beverages Industry with highest score for the fourth consecutive year.

ThaiBev’s new regional distribution center (DC) in Ayutthaya province commenced operations.The DC enhances ThaiBev’s distribution capability in the Central, Northern, and Northeastern regions.

Food and Beverage United Co., Ltd. launched “ZEA Tuna Essence”, a supplement rich in Omega-3 and Vitamin B12, to boost nervous system and brain functions.


ThaiBev launched "Niyomthai Special Aromatic Rice", a white spirit, to expand its reach and widen its customer base.

Thai Bev launched "Phraya Elements", a premium rum, aged to perfection in fine oak barrels for years, with a luxurious packaging. Phraya Elements received a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020.

ThaiBev established the ThaiBev Situation Room (TSR) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. TSR gathers news updates on the COVID-19 situation, monitors the Group's operations to ensure that production and distribution facilities can continue meeting consumer demand, and to safeguard the well-being of employees, who are integral to the Group's business continuity plans.

ThaiBev launched"Huntsman Belgian Blonde",a Belgian-style, craft lager that perfectly blends the taste of malt with fruity aromas.

"Chang Classic" and "Federbrau"both received a Monde Selection Gold Quality Award.

SABECO celebrated its 145th anniversary with the launch of a special edition brand, "Bia Lac Viet", a beer that has been developed and brewed for the Vietnamese by the Vietnamese,with a special packaging design featuring the Lac Bird, symbolizing Vietnam's values and traditions.

Oishi launched "SAKAE", a high-end Japanese restaurant offering customers the authentic taste of Shabu Shabu andSukiyaki.

ThaiBev unveiled PASSION 2025, which encapsulates its roadmap for the next five years.success of Vision 2020, PASSION 2025 builds on the and aims to

- BUILD new capabilities
- STRENGTHEN number one positions
- UNLOCK potentials of the Group

"V-Boost", a new beverage containing beta-glucan and 200% of the Thai recommended daily intake of vitamin C, was introduced to the market. V-Boost received the "Healthier Choice" nutritional logo.

SABECO launched "Bia Saigon Chill", the extension to its product range, to enchance brand positioning with innovative product and bring pride to Vietnam. Bia Saigon Chill is a beer produced at -2C using a cutting-edge, cold filter technique, to achieve a refreshing and unique taste. Oishi launched "Oishi Green Tea plus C", which contains Nata De Coco and 200% of the Thai recommended daily intake of vitamin C, to cater to health-conscious consumers.

Thai Bev was once again recognized as the Global Beverage Industry Leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). It also retained its status as a member of the D.JSI World Index and the D.JSI Emerging Markets Index.
ThaiBev launched "Black Dragon Celtic Amber", a deep, golden-colored beer that is brewed using specially selected ingredients, such as caramel malt.

ThaiBev launched coffee infused beer "Chang Espresso Lager" the first and only espresso lager in Thailand.


ThaiBev started to recognize 9.28% ofStarbucks Coffee Thailand's profit. StarbucksCoffee Thailand manages and operates Starbucks retail coffee stores in Thailand.

Sabeco unveiled a new look for"Bia Saigon", modernizing its image and reflecting its position as the leading brand in the hearty and minds of the Vietnamese people.

The "Ruang Khao" brand name was embossed onto Ruang Khao white spirits bottles, giving them a distinctive look.

ThaiBev was recognized as the Global Beverage Industry Leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), after achieving the highest score in the beverage industry for the second consecutive year. It also retained its listing as a member of the DJSI World Index and the DJSI Emerging Markets Index for the third and fourth consecutiveyear, respectively.

F&N opened Emerald Brewery in Yangon, Myanmar. The brewery uses cutting-edge technology to produce Chang beer and marks ThaiBev Group's expansion in Southeast Asia, strengthening its position as the leading beverage producer in this region.

Chang beer celebrated its 25th anniversary with the launch of "Chang 25th Anniversary Cold Brew Lager". The 100% malt beer is produced using an innovative sub-zero fltration method to fully bring out the taste and aroma of the malt.

ThaiBev launched "Phayanak", a herbal spirit, to cater to consumers who prefer the taste of fermented liquor mixed with traditional Thai herbs.


ThaiBev recognized as Global Beverage Industry Leader in Dow Jones Sustainability (DJSI) World Index that achieved 100th percentile rankingand the DJSI Emerging Markets Index.


ThaiBev relaunched "Federbrau", positioning it as the first and only beer in Thailand which uses high-quality single malt froma single source in Germany. It also sports a new look, with packaging inspired by German Bauhaus art.

ThaiBev introduced "Chang" mineral water, which uses water from a natural aquifer in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province purified by a three-stage filtration system. It is packaged in emerald green bottles and has been certified by NSF International, an institute headquartered in the United States of America, as a product that complies with all standard requirements related to food and water manufacturing processes.

Thai Bev installed a new Crystal drinking water production line at the Nateechai Plant in Suratthani province to meet consumer demand in the South. This follows the installation of a production line at the Kankwan Plant in Khon Kaen province in mid-2016.

ThaiBev expanded the cold aseptic filling production (CAF 4) and bottling line at the Oishi Plant in Saraburi province. The line now utilizes "Blow - Aseptic Fill Block"technology, which can mould bottles into various shapes and sizes; and also leverages robotics to increase the speed and accuracy of the production process while reducing cost.

ThaiBev was included in the 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), as a contituentof the D.SI World Index and the DJSI Emerging Markets Index.

ThaiBev acquired a 76% stake in Spice of Asia Co., Ltd., a company which operates several hotpot and Thai cuisine restaurants.

ThaiBev acquired a 75% stake in MyanmarSupply Chain and Marketing Services Co., Ltd.and Myanmar Distillery Co., Ltd., which isthe largest whisky player in Myanmar.

ThaiBev entered the premium white spirits marketwith the launch of "Ruang Khao Silver", which uses international-standard ingredients, manufacturing and quality control processes, as well as modern packaging.

ThaiBev revamped the packaging of 'Blend 285" and "Blend 285 Signature"uplifting their image as premium international brands to win the hearts of more consumers

ThaiBev completed the acquisition of 252 KFCfranchises in Thailand from Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Food of Asia Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ThaiBev, entered into a 70-30 joint venture with Mei-Xin (International) Limited to incorporate Max Asia Co., Ltd, which engages in the bakery business in Thailand.

ThaiBev joined the Pracharath Project, which is a collaboration between the Thai government, the Thai Chamberof Commerce, the Federation of ThaiIndustries, and the Thai Bankers'Association, to drive the economy on both national and provincial levels.

ThaiBev was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) family, becoming a component of the DJSI Emerging Markets Indexs.

"Rock Mountain", a soda water produced at lower temperatures using cold infusion technology to better retain the fizziness of the beverage, was introduced into the market.



Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd renewed license agreements with Nestlé S.A. to manufacture and distribute the Carnation, Bear Brand, Bear Brand Gold, Ideal Milk and Milkmaid brands in ASEAN until 2037

“100PLUS”, an innovative, functional carbonated soft drink with six minerals that help replenish lost fluids, was launched in Thailand in two flavors - Citrus and Lemon Lime

“Jub Jai”, a traditional Jub Lieng herbal tea with a combination of 10 different herbs, was launched at a reasonable price for consumers

Chang Beer’s 20th Anniversary introduced a new look of “Chang Classic Beer” in emerald green bottle and champagne gold label, which reflects a premium and modern look, brewing with an international standard to meet the current customer satisfaction

Chang extended its sponsorship contract with FC Barcelona for another three years, the pride in supporting FC Barcelona as an official regional partner in Southeast Asia




Oishi opened its first overseas "Shabushi By OISHI" Japanese restaurant in Yangon, Myanmar; followed by a second in Mandalay, Myanmar in October 2014

"est" marked its second year in the carbonated beverage market with the introduction of a new logo and packaging, in preparation for entering the international market

ThaiBev unveiled "Vision 2020", a six-year strategic roadmap for the Group's companies, comprising five key imperatives – Growth, Diversity, Brands, Reach, and Professionalism

Oishi established a new central kitchen in the Ban Bueng district of Chonburi province that serves as a production and distribution center – the facility is the largest central kitchen in Thailand, and is equipped with world-class, modern technology, enhancing Oishi's competitive advantage in the food industry



Successfully acquired a 28.6% stake in F&N, paving the way for further international expansion as a leading beverage producer and distributor in the region.

Further diversified Sermsuk's product portfolio with the introduction of Wrangyer, an energy drink for young working adults.

Established CAC Co., Ltd. to facilitate the sharing of business, art, and cultural knowledge among the ASEAN Economic Community.

Expanded Oishi's reach with the distribution of its green tea beverage products to 7-Eleven stores across Malaysia via Fraser and Neave Holdings Bhd.

Introduced Thailand's first rail freight transport system for beverages at the Surat Thani distribution center, paving the way for logistical cost savings and enhanced distribution coverage of the country?s Southern, North-Eastern, and Northern regions.

Bestowed a royal warrant by King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Strengthened Oishi's position as innovation leader with the launch of Oishi Green Tea Matcha Latte, a premium green tea beverage with milk



Execution of a sponsorship agreement with Spanish football clubs, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F., to promote “Chang” brand for three years.

Oishi, the leader of Japanese food business, has expanded to snack business. Its first product, “Onori” — Japanese-styled fried seaweed snacks, was introduced in order to leverage its business potential and enhance product diversification for a full range of the food business.

Fraser and Neave, Limited, a leading Singaporean Company in Beverage, Property and Publishing & Printing industries, became an associate company of ThaiBev through acquisition of shares.

Oishi emphasized its positioning as leader of innovation by launching Oishi returnable bottle, available at food shops and retail stores in our network through Sermsuk.

Beer Thai (1991) Public Company Limited commenced the Bituminus Project to switch from utilizing heavy fuel oil to biomass for energy-saving and eco-friendly purposes.

Sermsuk introduced est cola to penetrate all nationwide channels in Thai CSD Market.



Promoting ThaiBev Core Values in order to build a strong Corporate culture for organization’s sustainable growth and employees’ engagement.

Commencing the new Cold Aseptic Filling production line of Oishi which will enable production of additional types of non-alcohol beverage as well as enhance cost-saving efficiency.

Oishi has once again underscored its long-standing leadership in Thailand’s lucrative green tea market with the launch of “Oishi Fruito”, the brand-new high quality Japanese green tea with tasty sensation of Japanese style premium fruit flavors.

Oishi introduces Oishi Chakulza,Thailand’s first sparkling green tea—a bold move to shoot Oishi green tea into a new segment, carbonated beverages. Chakulza presents a refreshing alternative for beverage consumers who look for healthier choice of drinks, to enjoy benefit from green tea and freshness of sparkling carbonated drinks.

Investment in Balblair Distillery to increase malt whisky production through improved efficiencies and process automation in response to the continued growth in demand for our single malt whiskies. Introduction of the new variant of Chang Flavored Soda, Blue Magic Tonic Soda Water, as a new mixer for liquor.

Acquisition of 64.66% shares of Serm Suk Public Company Limited, a leading beverage manufacturer and distributor in Thailand.Launch of the latest variant of Chang Beer i.e. Chang Export in the domestic market, targeting consumers who prefer light and easy-to-drink beer. The new beer is made from 100% finest malt with 5% ABV.

Refresh of Old Pulteney branding and packaging launched to coincide with announcement of the brand’s 2012 World Whisky of the Year Award by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.



“ThaiBev” Thailand’s top beverage company, has once again excited the beer industry with a revolutionary new look of its flagship “Beer Chang” products, each with a clear product positioning to attract consumers of different lifestyles The three products will all be promoted under one same umbrella marketing campaign of “Kon Thai Hua Jai Deaw Gun”.

Acquisition of Yunnan Yulinquan Liquor Co., Ltd., Chinese white spirit distillery in China.

ThaiBev extended spirits product portfolio by launching Thailand’s newest premium brandy, "Meridian V.S.O.P."



ThaiBev’s first distribution center (DC) in Nakhon Ratchasima province commenced operations., followed by two more DCs in Chonburi and Surat Thani provinces, respectively, in June and August 2010

Soda Chang launched its latest innovative products ‘Flavored Soda’ with 2 new variants, Bitter Lime-Lemon and Apple Mint



In October 2003, altogether 58 related companies in the production and marketing of alcoholic beverage group and related businesses merged into the Thai Beverage Public Company Limited with a registered capital of 20,000 million baht. Subsequently, in December 2003 the registered capital was increased to 22,000 million baht. Currently, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited comprises 63 subsidiaries. The strength of the country's liquor and beer industries is crucial in stemming the tide of foreign liquor and beer from flooding into the country that would have a direct impact on Thailand's economic development.

The fact that Thai Beverage Plc. has a consolidated and strong production and sales infrastructure among its integrated affiliated companies is instrumental in enhancing the capability to produce liquors and beers that are comparable in quality to any other products in the world - at much lower costs of production. This makes Thai Beverage Plc. Thailand's leader in alcoholic beverage business. It is now ready to take that next step to becoming a world-class conglomerate.



The success of Beer Chang propelled the company to be a market leader in domestic beer products. In order to expand the market share, the company launched Beer Archa in July 2004 to respond to demands from a new generation of beer drinkers who prefer lower alcohol content. The company also expanded alcohol manufacturing capacity through the Thai Alcohol Plc. The company has manufactured ethanol for the production of gasohol since September 2004 as a substitute for gasoline octane 91. This is to satisfy local demand in accordance with the Government's policy.

The companies within the Thai Beverage Plc. group, apart from being a leader in alcoholic beverage industry with the highest potentials in the country, have continuously played a major role in social activities at all levels and the results of every activity have contributed positively and led to the strengthening of the Thai society through mutual caring.



Thai Beverage successfully listed in the Singapore Exchange main board. Acquisition of distillery assets from Sin Surang Karn Sura Co., Ltd., manufacturer of White Tiger Acquisition of Pacific Spirits UK (PSUK), owner of Inver House Distillers in Scotland and acquisition of Best Spirits Company Limited.


Acquisition of United Products Co., Ltd. and SPM Foods and Beverages Co., Ltd. manufacturer of White Bear spirits and other products.

Thai Beverage successfully listed in the Singapore Exchange main board.

Acquisition of distillery assets from Sin Surang Karn Sura Co., Ltd., manufacturer of White Tiger Acquisition of Pacific Spirits UK (PSUK), owner of Inver House Distillers in Scotland and acquisition of Best Spirits Company Limited.

Acquisition of United Products Co., Ltd. and SPM Foods and Beverages Co., Ltd. manufacturer of White Bear spirits and other products.

Federbrau is the only beer brewed in Thailand using a manufacturing process that meets the German Purity Law, which we strictly adhere to by using the finest natural ingredients, exacting manufacturing processes and a unique fermentation method.

Thais can enjoy rich and delicate Federbrau from a green bottle with a ‘Red Feather’ that reflects its delicate flavour and refreshing taste for any occasion. Federbrau targets the young generation aged between 22-35 who are confident, love freedom, embrace challenges and are always looking for something special to enhance their sophisticated lifestyles. Federbrau has the light flavour of genuine German beer with only 4.7% alcohol, which will inspire our target buyers by meeting their demands to become the trendy choice for all beer lovers



Acquisition of energy drink and ready-to-drink coffee assets from Wrangyer Beverage Company Limited.

Acquisition of Oishi Group Public Company Limited and disposal of 100% of Thai Alcohol Public Company Limited.



When the concession period of all liquor plants was to end in 1999, the Government formulated a policy to liberalize the liquor business. Sura Bangyikhan Co., Ltd., an affiliated company within the Thai Beverage Co., Ltd. (Plc) Group, won at auction to buy the Sura Bangyikhan distillery in Pathum Thani. Eleven other affiliated companies also won at the auction for the 11 liquor distilleries belonging to the Excise Department.

Therefore, the affiliated companies within the Thai Beverage Co., Ltd. (Plc) now own all 12 liquor distilleries bought through auctions from the Government and began operation from 2000 onwards.



In order to respond to the increasing demand for Beer Chang, a second brewery was built in Klong Klung District, Kamphaeng Phet Province in 1999. This new brewery results in a quicker and more efficient transport of Beer Chang to provinces in the upper northern and northeastern parts of the country.

The construction of the Kamphaeng Phet brewery began in November 1999. It had a land area of 1,600 rai, and took 32 months to finish. The investment was 9,000 million baht. It started beer production on October 12, 2001, and the first bottle of Beer Chang rolled off the brewery on November 23, 2001.



The exceptional taste of Beer Chang also brought about fame and pride to the country when it became successful at the world level with the awarding of the "Gold Medallion" at the International Beer Competition in Australia in 1998 in the category of "Lager, Unlimited Degree". Since then, Beer Chang that has been more and more acceptable to Thai and foreign consumers became a favorite among beer lovers.



The beer industry was liberalized in 1991. There were then several companies tendering their applications to set up breweries. Beer Chang came into the market in 1995 and had been the only Thai-made beer to use Thai scripts on its labels to display the pride of being Thai.


On April 4, 1994, the first bottle of Beer Chang came off the production line in the brewery at Bang Baan District of Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Province. The brewery is jointly constructed by Danbrew A/S Company, a leading company in brewery construction in Denmark.


Beer Chang was officially marketed for the first time on March 2, 1995. From that moment on, Beer Chang has received tremendous support and become the talk of the town with its attractive taste and a price that appealed to consumers at all levels. The response and success of Beer Chang marked a new era and turned a new page for the Thai beer industry.



Sangsom won a gold medal in the liquor competition in Madrid, Spain, in 1982 and 1983, then went on to win another award in the liquor competition in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1983. Since then, it has been known among its connoisseurs, foreign and local, as "Sangsom Gold Medallion".



The first bottle of Sangsom came into being in 1977 when it was blended by Khun Chun Kanchanalak, Thailand's leading liquor blender from the Sangsom distillery in Nakhon Pathom, the origin of the Sangsom Company Limited.

Sangsom liquor is a rum that has to undergo a special production process, resulting in a fine liquor that has been distilled and aged in oak barrels for 3, 5 and 10 years. After that, it is blended with a special secret concentrate of over a hundred herbs and spices to give Sangsom that special taste and aroma.



Mekhong had its birth in 1941 by the Excise Department who was then responsible for the business during the period of liquor industry's development. In addition to Mekhong which was highly popular then, "Special Blend Liquor" was first produced to wean the consumers away from imported whiskey - a move that helped to conserve foreign currencies and promote savings among the people. The first two brands of "Special Blend Liquor" were simply called "Wor Gor" - short for whiskey, and "Bor Dor" - short for brandy. Later, the jurisdiction over Sura Bangyikhan Distillery was transferred to the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry. Under the Ministry of Industry, Mekhong was further improved to totally win the hearts and minds of Thai consumers.


In 1959, the Government drew up a policy for the private sector to rent a concession to produce and sell liquor products from Sura Bangyikhan Distillery and other government-run liquor distilleries for a renewable period of 10 years. The popularity of Mekhong then increased significantly, the Government therefore gave new concessions to new producers (1959-1979) as well as commission the construction of a new liquor plant in Pathum Thani Province in 1982. At the same time, 32 liquor plants all around the country belonging to the Excise Department, Ministry of Finance, were mostly located in populated areas and were falling into disrepair. Therefore, these plants were decommissioned and concessionaire tenders were called for the construction and operation and sales of 12 new liquor plants in 12 separate locations.



The modern era of the Thai liquor industry had its beginning in 1927 when the Government took over the liquor production through the Ministry of Industry and the Excise Department, Ministry of Finance. The Excise Department became responsible for the Bangyikhan Distillery at the time and played a major role in the continuous development of the liquor industry, introducing new types of liquor, with quality and higher standard. In addition to the White Spirit, medicinal liquors were developed by infusing Chinese herbs in strong liquor in accordance with traditional recipes. The resulting product, which was then blended methodically to produce the desired taste, aroma and color, hugely satisfied the consumers' demand for medicinal liquor in addition to White Spirit.



The Thai liquor industry became consolidated towards the end of the Ayutthaya Era and was first recorded along with the establishment of the Rattanakosin Era. His Majesty King Buddha Yodfah Chulaloke - King Rama I the Great - ordered the construction of the first liquor distillery on the bank of the Chao Phaya River near the mouth of Klong Bangyikhan (canal) as a means of boosting revenue in 1786, only four years after establishing the new capital in Bangkok. The Thai people began calling the facility "Bangyikhan Liquor Distillery" due to its location on the mouth of the canal with the same name. At first, only clear, transparent liquor was produced and sold by Chinese entrepreneurs and taxes paid to the Government in accordance with the agreement.


Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (“ThaiBev”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is a leading beverage company in Southeast Asia and the largest in Thailand. The Group's vision is to be a world-class total beverage company embodying commercial excellence, continuous product development and premiumization, as well as professionalism. ThaiBev's business consists of four segments – spirits, beer, non-alcoholic beverages, and food.

The Group was listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange in 2006. In 2012, ThaiBev expanded its business overseas through the acquisition of Fraser and Neave, Limited (“F&N”), a highly-recognized company in Singapore with a portfolio that boasts many renowned brands. With the acquisition of F&N, the Group further cemented its position as the leading beverage producer and distributor in the region. In 2017, ThaiBev further broadened its presence in the region with the acquisition of a 75% stake in the Grand Royal Group (“GRG”), the largest player in Myanmar's whisky market, as well as an acquisition of a 53.59% stake in Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (“SABECO”), a leading beer producer in Vietnam, which made the Group the largest beer player by volume in Southeast Asia.

Businesses and Products

As of 30 September 2020, ThaiBev has 218 subsidiaries and associates, including 19 distilleries, three breweries, and 21 non-alcoholic beverage production facilities. The Group also has an extensive distribution network covering 400,000 points of sale in Thailand. In addition, ThaiBev has an international presence in over 90 countries. The Group has five production facilities in Scotland which are known for producing single malt scotch whiskies such as Balblair, Old Pulteney, as well as Speyburn; has interests in two production facilities in Myanmar which produce the top-selling whisky in the country; and owns one distillery in China which produces the famous Yulinquan Chinese spirit.

ThaiBev's most recognized spirits brands include Ruang Khao, SangSom, Mekhong, Hong Thong, and Blend 285, as well as GRG's iconic Grand Royal whisky; and the Group's signature beer, Chang, is very popular among Thai beer drinkers, while SABECO's Bia Saigon and 333 are the top-selling beer brands in Vietnam. In the non-alcoholic beverage space, ThaiBev's leading brands include Oishi green tea, est cola, and Crystal drinking water, as well as F&N's sparkling drinks and 100PLUS isotonic drink. In addition, the Group operates Japanese restaurants, as well as ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food businesses through its subsidiary Oishi Group Public Company Limited. ThaiBev has also started branching out from these well-established Japanese restaurants and food products, and is accelerating the expansion of its food business by leveraging its subsidiary Food of Asia and its franchise outlets under KFC, the most popular quick service restaurant brand in Thailand.

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